Bekah Sometimes Wood Bead Necklace


  • Product Description

      We love our local vendors! Check out these wooden bead necklaces made by local maker Bekah Sometimes. Necklaces are made of suede string and hand-painted wooden beads. Necklaces are adjustable. 

      Other things to consider: 

      • These pieces are consider costume jewelry. 
      • Each color combination may vary slightly from image

      Tips and tricks to keep those jewels sparkling:

        >Put your jewelry on AFTER you spray any perfumes or hairsprays, both can cause oxidation. Also, if you can keep from applying perfumes or oils directly to the skin where jewelry will be worn your jewels will stay in much better shape.
        >After wearing jewelry, do a quick wipe down to remove any sweat, perfumes, or oils from the day before storing them away. An eyeglasses cloth or any other soft cloth works great!
        >Store pieces inside of a jewelry box. Keeping jewelry out of direct sunlight and air as much as possible will help keep your favorite pieces from looking tarnished and old.
        >Be sure to not place jewelry on wet countertops.

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