The Story









  Fashion has been a lifelong love of mine. As a little girl I obsessed over creating the perfect Barbie outfits and filled notebooks with sketches of tops and dresses. As I grew older that passion and love stuck with me. I decided to study fashion at the University of Central Oklahoma. During my time in college I was presented with an opportunity to study a semester in New York; undoubtedly, I packed my bags and moved to the Big Apple.

     After my time in New York and college degree in hand, I got my first real industry job with a designer in New York's Fashion District. Working in one of the best fashion hubs in the world, I gained a great deal of experience in running a successful business, and that's when I caught the entrepreneurial bug!

      Back home to Oklahoma, I earned a Masters degree in Entrepreneurship from Oklahoma State University’s Spears School of Business. During my time in the program I was granted a significant opportunity to join the Entrepreneurship and Empowerment in South Africa (EESA) program. I moved to Cape Town South Africa for six weeks to work with emerging entrepreneurs. I saw many small businesses that were using unconventional resources to build their businesses. Their resourceful nature prompted me to really think outside of the box and see business in a completely different manner. This was truly the most inspiring experience, to be fully submerged in the presence of ingenuity.

     My education and experience gave me the confidence, direction, and inspiration to try something a little different, a mobile boutique!

Since 2014 I have run our little shop on wheels around the streets of OKC and in 2016 added the Showroom as a home base. This has been an amazing journey and I cannot wait to see what comes next!

Thank you for taking the time to learn about the person behind the shop. I really appreciate your visit and hope that you will find something new to love. 

Best Wishes-